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    Sonica is a programme dedicated to world-class sonic arts, presenting emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues. Curated by Cathie Boyd, Patrick Dickie and Graham McKenzie and produced by Cryptic in Glasgow, Sonica gives a UK platform to performances of exceptional and rarely seen work.

    Sonica was launched in Glasgow in November 2012 at Tramway and has been presented in Aarhus, Aberdeen, Brighton, Den Bosch, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, London, Lulea, Lyon and Norwich.

    Since 2012, Sonica has presented more than 80 events, including performances, installations, exhibitions and screenings by over 150 artists from Australia, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, UK and the USA, reaching over 20,000 people.

    Sonica has hosted seven world premières, two European premières, ten UK premières, five Scottish premières and six Sonica commissions encompassing music, performance, sound, multimedia and visual art.