• 31 October - 10 November, Glasgow

    Sonica 2019

  • Louise Harris


  • Distant Skies: Pressure Waves

    Kathy Hinde

  • Heather Lander

    Breaking Reverie

  • Robbie Thomson



"Multifaceted and thought-provoking… a fascinating festival."

31 October - 10 November, Glasgow

Sonica 2019

Save the date as Sonica, Cryptic’s award-winning biennial festival of world-class visual sonic arts returns to Glasgow for 11 days of “intoxicating, outlandish, interdisciplinary” (The Quietus) live performances, installations and more next autumn.

Financial Times

"Sonica makes it something of a mission to place image and sound on an equal footing."

Louise Harris


Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s birth, sound and audiovisual artist Louise Harris takes inspiration from the many geometric forms found in his architecture to turn the Tower of The Lighthouse into an interactive, audiovisual installation.


“A dizzying array of research and ideas, and a dedication to new and never-before seen techniques and processes.”

Kathy Hinde

Distant Skies: Pressure Waves

Based on an entanglement of nature and technology, expressed in audiovisual installations, Kathy Hinde presents a new combination of art works including sound sculpture, Phase Transition, and a live performance of Palimpsest with with Daniel Skoglund. 


“A thoroughly modern festival, defying genre boundaries and instead focusing squarely on the intersection of the sonic and the visual.”

Heather Lander

Breaking Reverie

Through illusion, reflection, projection mapping and ink drawing, this moving light sculpture presents an eternal day break on a distant horizon. At the edge between darkness and dawn, it draws you into an abstract landscape. Part physical, part virtual, Breaking Reverie questions what lies beyond… 

The Times

"Experience the thrilling interface where music, visual art, theatre and digital technology meet."

Robbie Thomson


In 1891 the genius inventor Nikola Tesla tamed lightning with his Tesla coil, a device that renders electricity visible. Artist Robbie Thomson harnesses the sonic capabilities of the Tesla coil to create a work as arresting as the scent of burning ozone and as lively as electricity itself.  

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